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Internet Investigations 

Analysis/Assessment Methodology

Assessments are a way to increase information technology (IT) security. Assessments are done in cooperation with the system owners and are helpful in making the system owners aware of IT security issues that may exist with their assets. The assessment methodology is a six step process. 

  1. Assessment Planning  
    • This includes initial research of policies, procedures, applicable laws, and security best practices. Then an assessment checklist is signed by the system owner. An assessment strategy--the what and how--is created 
  2. Fieldwork  
    • Fieldwork is done in a systematic manner according to the previously developed checklist. Reports of issues are made in a timely manner to the system owner/administrator. All security issues are documented and included in the assessment report delivered at the end of the assessment.  
  3. Preparing the Report  
    • The Assessment Report should include  
      • Executive Summary  
        • Describe the purpose of the assessment. 
        • Describe the scope of the assessment. 
      • Findings and recommendations 
      • Conclusion 
  4. Exit Conference  
    • Management, system owner(s), system administrator(s), and the assessment team should attend the exit conference. The conference will accomplish  
      • Review report 
      • Assign tasks for remediation/mitigation 
      • Establish schedule for future assessments  
  5. Report to Management  
    • The report to management will include a presentation of the executive summary and the status of mitigation/remediation efforts followed by discussion and/or questions. 

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